Poster/Fine Art Print- The Travelers' Journey- Unframed

Poster/Fine Art Print- The Travelers' Journey- Unframed

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*Poster Print- This paper has a classic poster matte finish that you would expect with traditional poster paper. With its bright white point, you get vivid color and contrast. This is an affordable option for creating large displays. Prints on this paper are shipped rolled in a tube but will easily flatten out.

*Premium Giclee Paper- This paper has a thick heavy weight. It has a natural matte finish with a textured watercolor feel. It is ideal for fine art reproductions. *** Please note - this is an unframed print. Unfortunately I do not accommodate gift messages or gift wrapping *** 

I am on a journey of discovering my roots. I want to know who my ancestors were and where they lived, their stories and their journeys. This artwork uses pieces of a map to demonstrate my search, and it illustrates the way we have a missing piece due to our history being erased. The name of this piece is “The Traveler's Journey". I am inspired by my travels, and the history I am taking in. I am fascinated with wondering how far my ancestors traveled, what civilizations they began or influenced. I used different elements to create this mixed media piece.